communication strategist
and neuromarketologist
with an entrepreneurial philosophy
of life

Dozens of projects and startups, including in the restaurant industry and marketing activities

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    KMBS student: studying marketing and management.

    I repeatedly have opened custom-made projects, whose activities systematized, translating into the agreed level of profitability.

    I have developed not only communication strategies, but also company development strategies, depending on the set goals and values.

    Critical thinking, constant development through awareness and work on yourself – this is the answer to the question who am I?

    What elements of communication strategy do I use?

    Via my skills, abilities and type of thinking I help entrepreneurs to find their ideal formula (strategy) for business development!

    My value

    Via my skills, abilities and type of thinking I help entrepreneurs to find their ideal formula (strategy) for business development!

    In addition to the experience of management as a CEO, I have repeatedly opened to order projects, the activities of which I systematized, translating into an agreed level of profitability. I developed not only communication strategies, but also company development strategies, depending on the set goals and values.

    Training and self-development:

    In addition to working in the presented projects, I have managerial experience as a hired manager (5 years) in projects (CEO).

    So, after practical management experience, I studied at KMBS in management programs:

    • СЕО development (mini MBA)
    • all programs in strategic marketing: communication strategy, financial marketing, branding, PR, digital marketing
    • program for the introduction of startups and systematization of business in the future

    I studied political PR separately. I studied with Kirill Kunitsky (business systematization), ‘Papa Brand’, direct marketing at Laba and others. Convinced that the world around us is changing, new tools are emerging and we need to be proactive.

    I am professionally engaged in sniper shooting.


    • I fond of reasonable actions supported by the result
    • I learn quickly, I show initiative
    • I get along well with numbers and finances
    • executive, punctual

    • I love organization, clarity. Especially systematic in everything
    • productive. I don’t like wasting time, talking nonsense and inefficient work
    • I have analytical skills, organizational skills and I think about the future (I adjust work taking into account long-term goals)

    What elements of communication strategy do I use?

    1. Goals and objectives of the communication strategy in correlation with the goals and objectives of the business. Typical goals of a communication strategy are to increase sales, increase brand awareness, neutralize negatives or, for example, correct positioning.
    2. Analysis of the current reputation of the company and positioning in the media. The same analysis applies to the three main competitors.
    3. Research the communication problems that exist. These can be quantitative and qualitative surveys, expert interviews, etc.
    4. Target audiences and subgroups.
    5. Positioning is what we have now and what we want to have.

    1. Messages for different target audiences.
    2. Communication channels for each of the messages.
    3. Risks.
    4. Evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs). The COP is usually created for a year, because in a shorter period it will be difficult to follow the KPI.
    5. Budget and implementation deadlines.

    What are the elements of business systematization?

    • Evaluation of the current business model
    • Analysis of the company’s mission, values ​​and their reflection in operating activities
    • Organizational structure and relationship between team members. Description of the roles of employees
    • Analysis of financial management
    • Market positioning and its relevance
    • Description of the roles of employees

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    If we perceive the Grand Hotel (a hotel with a long history) as a man of aristocracy – a stately, famous, steadfast, noble. That is, a restaurant is exactly the detail that, as a woman, follows fashion, developments, is active, flexible and strives for change that attracts her.

    But, at the same time, it is devoted to that man (hotel) and is a continuation of Him.

    Therefore, the name should be one that would unite: history, changes in aristocracy that have taken place during this time, modernism, which is currently depicted in the interior of the Grand Hotel and modernity, in which the pace of life is moving headlong.

    Plus, there is one detail that has emerged – a bit of a distinction between the expectations of the Grand hotel as a classic hotel and what is in the design now.

    Read more about the idea


    What has changed in the fashion industry over the last few years:

    • In 2014, every inhabitant of the planet bought on average more than 2% more clothes than in 2000
    • Online stores have started producing new models not 2, but 52 (weekly)

    Why this is important or what clothes mean in the language of resources:

    • production of 1 cotton t-shirt – 2700 liters of water
    • production of 1 pair of jeans – greenhouse gas emissions equal to the emissions of a car that has traveled 140km
    • one truck of clothes (2.5 t) is burned every second on the planet
    • Сotton – depletes soils and water resources

    It is logical that in this area there is a popularization of the original idea – clothing is also a resource that can be shared. There is also a breaking of the stereotype that second-hand shops are only for the poor. Why you not share what you have not used for more than a year?!

    Sinovall – a competition for the best performance of a traditional dish in an innovative way. Each institution presents it’s chef . The action should be spectacular with a large table for tastings.

    Farm – where guests of the institution go to plant vegetables, greens with their names, which can be tasted in the restaurant.

    Restaurant tour of Zakarpattia through the production of local products.

    Request for the development of the concept of the election campaign for a representative of the current government to participate in the parliamentary elections in July 2019.

    The communication campaign is based on a combination of managerial and political experience of the candidate with the desire of the electorate to see new and young faces in politics.

    The slogan of the campaign “United Youth for the Future” reflected an internal communication strategy.

    Active young people from the region, who have a new modern vision of the development of their region, but don’t have enough practical experience, were involved in the campaign. The candidate, based on previous experience, provided a guarantee of implementation of the tasks stated in the program.

    White and light green colors were chosen for visual communication with voters (printed materials, photos and videos, visual advertising and materials with the candidate’s symbols). These colors internally reflect a new fresh look at the political activities of the candidate.

    (Hair Restoration Center) – A place where you blossom

    This is a reality project through which we used the services of the agency by covering every step of cooperation with the client. Starting from market analysis, development of a new concept, logo, ideas for promotion, social project. All this information had been covered for 5 months through the media.

    As a basis of style we used exquisite classics and harmony in minimalism. Pastel colors and delicate fonts are associated with the style used by expensive brands, which is mentally perceived as more expensive. A feature of the logo – sketches of magnolia flowers. It embodies elegance, natural beauty and naturalness.

    This feature will reflect the basic idea of ​​the place where you thrive.

    In addition to visualization, legend will also support brand self-identification. Which will transmit the meaning of creating a salon.

    Social project “New Life. Magnolia” – assistance to crisis centers for women victims of domestic violence. The main idea of ​​the project is to help women who find themselves in difficult life situations,
    Branded products have been created, the proceeds of which will be transferred to the crisis center for women victims of domestic violence.