And let the whole world go mad at you!

Rebranding and change (logo) of the concept of TM for the production of women’s clothing

The basis of the message is the creation of outrageous and vivid images.

The slogan “And let the whole world go mad at you!”

Changing the direction of design from everyday to ethno outrage, in the products of which elements of Ukrainian costume and embroidery are read.

The designer’s work was presented at New York Fashion Week

An example of the implementation of new ideas is the organization of a show where the models were ballerinas from the Odessa Opera Ballet and the whole production of images in images from the designer more like a theatrical performance. As a result of the brand’s isolation by the outrage and content of the collection, which was covered free of charge by the regional media. And the cover of AirMagazine with the designer became the cover of the year and is still broadcast on all video screens of the airport.