The chef has assembled a team of chefs from the best establishments in Lviv to create a service that helps women free up time for themselves and their families. Giving the main job of cooking to the Soloha team.

We want to show that cooking for the family is a pleasure now. Finally, a lot of free time will be freed up for really valuable things.

Our client is a woman who lives a full life.

Caring for home comfort and a delicious dinner at the table. This is a woman who skillfully enjoys the benefits of modern life and life hacks that allow you to keep up with everything!

This is a woman who is tired of the stove, kitchen chores and constant traffic jams on the way to the store. She wants some time for herself! For children. For what is truly valuable…

That’s why there is Soloha. Professional chefs who cook in an equipped shop (not at home) in compliance with sanitary rules. This is a craft industry where people are united by the important goal of helping. Therefore, cook well, deliciously, quickly, healthily and be proud of it, because you are Mom!

TM “Soloha” is an online store with a commercial outlet, where you can buy products, seeing the manufacturing process.

The development of the concept was based on the image of Soloha. An insult to a wise housewife who manages everything and does it with humor.

Tips from Soloha, potions in the form of infusions, the menu for the week, the manner of communication with customers. It’s all fun and friendly.

The development of branded products only emphasized fan communication and encouraged friendly, trusting communication.

Plus, the emphasis on the professionalism of the boss and the team that worked together in the best institutions in Lviv. It’s all about trust and product quality.