Kirilenko Studio

Cooperation with Zoryana Kyrylenko consisted of:

  1. Analysis of the market and brands that have become popular outside of Ukraine. Search and selection of contacts of foreign famous stylists, publications, concept stores.
  2. Development of a brand concept (identity, logobook, positioning (mission, goals, visuals). Systematization of information for the concept. Active position and coverage in social media through a project in which the main character (fictional character-personification of CA brand) values ​​(= brand) and clearly demonstrates the advantages of choosing looks from the brand Kirilenko. Developed from the writer a mini-book about the life of the character, which was to become the basis of the brand page. Positioning of the designer
  3. Development of a promotion strategy separately in Ukraine and abroad.
  4. Current marketing work: systematization of information for the site, development of labels, boxes and all printed paraphernalia for product packaging (instructions for product care, etc.).
  5. Business standardization: description of organizational structure and functional responsibilities, communications. Checklists for all employees, photos of the working day. Description of work with clients, order form, contracts. Development of a motivational system.
  6. Development of corporate culture and brand presentation for employees. Calculation of break-even point and product price formation. Creating a spreadsheet form for financial reporting.
  7. Development of ideas to highlight brand values.

In addition to actively working on setting up a business and promoting a brand, it was important to find a look identification from the designer. As Zoryana Kyrylenko often worked with feathers, airy and at the same time rebellious dresses, a vehicle was set aside to perceive her looks through a wild black swan. Similarly, the character who embodied the brand was chosen not typical. This is the embodiment of a self-sufficient woman who clearly knows what she wants, has a rebellious nature and lives by feelings.

The main and excellent idea was to present the brand through a character who characterized the values, reflections and uniqueness of the brand