Delicious potatoes from the Netherlands in Lviv

Tasks before us:

  • Create a concept and come up with the format of the institution (from dishes to the design of the room)
  • Make full branding: naming, logo and other attributes of brand identity
  • Conduct research on the market, competitors, consumer needs
  • Identify and launch communication channels
  • Write a marketing strategy (media plan, communication strategy for different social networks, defining the target audience)
  • Create a corporate culture


  • We (the only ones in the city) cook potatoes according to traditional recipes of Amsterdam street food. Crispy and appetizing potato slices, fried sardines and spicy sauces – all to make your heart beat faster just at the mention of Friets.
  • Yes, there are no romantic tables, pretentiously expensive interior or live music, but what we definitely have is a delicious lunch that you want to come back for again and again.
  • There are already legends about our potatoes from the Netherlands. According to some Lviv residents, it is so delicious that it is impossible not to come here a second time.
  • The drive and energy of youth Amsterdam has now settled on a few square meters in the center of Lviv.
  • Don’t you believe? See for yourself!


The main rational advantage

  • to eat: tasty, cheap and fast

The main emotional advantage

  • Street food from the Netherlands is a legendary potato with traditional sauces.

The essence of the brand

  • Delicious food (Be a part of the Netherlands in Lviv)

Logobook and packaging

Product and interior

Stickers and social networks