One of the oldest restaurants in Lviv

Lack of concept, clear identification, high competition contributed to a sharp drop in attendance and revenue, respectively.

Since the restaurant is 15 years old, instead of large-scale renovation, we decided to focus on the long-term experience of the institution and emphasize that the restaurant “Shakespeare” – the oldest restaurant in Lviv. This has a positive effect on tourists who are looking for something authentic with history, and residents of the city who trust those establishments that have been on the market for a long time. The menu collected the most popular recipes throughout the period, described the unchanging traditions, with the help of decor and wood elements aged the interior of the institution. The whole visualization was done in the style of a drawing, which also reinforces the “oldest”.

Moreover, the restaurant is focused on the Scottish theme, so to visualize the menu chose the design of whiskey labels. Fonts, year of exposure, layout of information were used.

Work on the project included:

  • financial analysis, market analysis;
  • development of a new strategy for the promotion and presentation of information;
  • visualization while preserving the authenticity and history of the restaurant.