"36Po" - from unreal impressions you can go crazy

Restaurant 5-storey house of the 16th century with a folding roof, the tallest aquarium in Ukraine, a golden Slayer coffee machine, its own brewery and a glass grand piano.

The concept is based on the historical development of Ukrainian cuisine. Each subsequent floor reflected the evolution of national dishes, both through branded products and through the selection of recipes.

The concept of the logo used 3 elements and the number of the house of historical significance, which housed the restaurant:

Of which:

Hops depicted the history of Lviv and its traditions. Including and drinking beer. The concept was read through breadbaskets in the form of a broken beer barrel, uniforms of waiters in the style of a monk’s robe, design of the room and menu, reserve, churches.

Mack portrayed modern and free Ukraine. Combining culinary traditions of the past with modern technologies.

Fish depicted the culinary prerogatives of the 17th-18th centuries, the commercial significance of the city and its historical development. The concept was read through the fish-based menu, tail-shaped breadbaskets, room design, menus and decor elements.

From the elements of the logo was developed embroidery for the uniform of workers, wicker baskets, menus with images of paintings by Marchuk (outstanding Ukrainian artist of the world). And most importantly, Ukrainian dishes using molecular cuisine are the basis of preserved traditions of cooking.

The basis of the strategy is the popularization of Ukrainian cuisine through the search, restoration of ancient recipes and adaptation to modernity.

One of the tools was a tour of the restaurant house, which told the facts from the archive about the history of Lviv and culinary traditions and how they are presented in 36Po.

Video, which highlighted the benefits of 36Po. Active promotion through guest reviews on social networks and search resources of tourists: TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Google.

Active work with tour groups, influencers, live online broadcasts of life in 36Po.

PR technology through the creation of the fairy-tale hero Lolo is a real tiger shark that lived in an aquarium. To do this, he wrote a fairy tale and published a limited series of books about the brave shark Lolo and the inhabitants of the aquarium. All the money raised from the sale of these books went to the purchase of children’s corners in the oncology hospital.

The basis of my work in the project was team building, work organization, performance control and management – CEO of the company


  • Design – work on the concept, organization of the kitchen and hall.
  • Marketing work, including promotion strategy, development of restaurant identity and layouts, development and implementation of a media campaign.
  • Forming a team with a description of the organization / structure, checklists, motivation program, corporate culture, description of standards and instructions.
  • Control of repair work.
  • Search for partners, agreements, organization of the contractual system.
  • Developing a menu regarding the concept based on ancient recipes.
  • Launch of the restaurant.
  • Management of the restaurant according to the set tasks: organization of work according to planning, financial analytics, promotion of the institution, motivational programs of staff work and training, operational activities, reconstruction of production. Systematization of business.